Welcome to Birth Trauma Ontario.

If you've found us, we're sorry. What happened to you is not ok. Mothers who are struggling with trauma from a pregnancy, birth or postpartum experience sometimes have a set of symptoms that can be worrisome or even debilitating. They might be struggling with new fears, anxiety or dread. They may have trouble sleeping especially if all sleep brings is more nightmares. They may have flashbacks or not even remember what happened even though they were there and awake. These mothers might be always on edge, jumping at every little noise. They may also have fantasies of retaliation and find they can't trust their doctor or go near a hospital.

You are not alone. Birth trauma is not uncommon in today's birthing culture where mothers are sometimes left reeling from an experience in which they felt out of control, bullied or coerced. They may have felt they lost their voice, fearing for theirs or their baby's life or safety and feeling unsupported and alone. Many mothers are dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is not the place for a diagnosis or treatment. However, we offer a place for you to collect information, find resources, connect to other mothers and have your experiences validated.

We invite you to join our non-therapeutic, non-diagnostic, peer-to-peer, forum where you can talk about what happened to you and your baby. You can share with others how it has impacted you and your family. You can ask questions, look for solutions and share ideas on moving past the pain to a place of deepening peace.

We don't decide what's trauma because trauma is defined by the one who experienced it. We offer support to all mothers regardless of how their baby arrived, who their care provider was, where the baby was born, sexuality, religion, gender, nationality, race or abilities.

Together we are stronger.

We currently offer once-a-month in-person meetings in Waterloo Region, Ottawa and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We are in the process of expanding and will be providing more in-person groups across Ontario in the coming months. These meetings provide a kind and supportive environment where we share stories, laugh with each other, support each other's journeys and encourage each other towards healing. Stay tuned for notifications of meetings in other cities.

Please contact us to introduce yourself and ask to join our closed Facebook forum Birth Trauma Ontario.

"Birth is not over when the baby is born. It goes on and on in the woman’s mind." - Penny Simkin